The phantom is an awesome drone to say the least! I have had the phantom 3 standard for about a year now, and don’t regret buying it even for a second! I have flown the drone over 70 times and have made stunning videos of the water and my adventures. The Phantom 3 is super easy to fly and will hover in place even with winds of over 25 mph. This drone is so easy to fly, I have let all my family and even some of the neighborhood kids fly it by themselves. This drone has GPS and can land, takeoff and even come back to you by itself. The phantom 3 is the prefect drone if you are new to filming or want a professional drone that will not let you down!

DJI has 4 different phantom 3’s. They are the Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 3 professional, and Phantom 3 4k. The main difference between these drones is the camera on the bottom of the drone, but there are other differences as well. The phantom 3 standard is the base model of the phantom lineup and cost $500 new. It can film in 2.7 K and has an amazing gimbal/camera setup. It can fly almost a mile away from you, and you can watch the video feed live from your phone. This drone will automatically come back to you if the battery dies, the signal is lost or there is interference, making this drone really hard to loose. The Phantom 3 Advanced has everything the phantom 3 standard has, but it has better Global Positioning sensors, making it more stable in flight. It also has a different video system allowing you to fly much farther away without a delay in your video feed. The Phantom 3 advanced and Professional both use light bridge allowing you to fly 4 times farther with live video feed. The Phantom 3 professional has all of those features, but also has a 4 k camera. The Phantom 3 4k is the same as the standard, the only difference is that it has a 4k camera on it.